Facial Composite Sketch Cracks Serial Shooter Case

May 15th, 2017,  Posted by pwright@identikit.net

For more than a year, Phoenix police were stumped by a string of killings in which a shooter stalked victims after dark and gunned them down as they stood outside their homes or sat in their cars. Nine people were killed in all in a case dubbed the Serial Street Shooter.A suspect has been apprehended and charged in a case that has become known as the “Serial Street Shooter.”  Aaron Juan Saucedo, 23, faces 26 felony counts of homicide, aggravated assault and drive-by-shooting for 12 shootings that took place between August 2015 and July 2016, Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams said.

Keys to the investigation were 3000 plus tips from the public.  And this composite sketch of the suspect created by Phoenix PD working with one of the victims.   A photo of the suspect and the sketch are found in this AZ Republic article.   Note the use of grey-scale (vs. color) in the sketch.

A good summary of the case and the investigation can be found here.



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