“Competition for law enforcement positions will remain fierce in higher paying jobs.”

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Identi-Kit 7 is the most advanced facial composite software available and used by hundreds of police agencies worldwide. Identi-Kit has supported the investigative professional for over fifty years. We are committed to giving your instructors the tools and support needed to successfully make Identi-Kit part of the CJ curriculum, either in the classroom or on line.

  • Develop students’ career skills and ability to understand the tools and procedures actually used by law enforcement.
  • Identi-Kit 7 is designed to be intuitive to use. Students quickly learn how to use the application to create clear, hi definition facial composite sketches.
  • Instructors can get expert instruction by attend training and certification webinars throughout the year. Get access to the video library to supplement classroom instruction.
  • Technical support is always available to help instructors or IT staff get the most from the software.
  • Identi-Kit is Windows 7 and 8 compatible. The application is compatible with all commonly used distribution schemes, whether it’s imaging to multiple campuses or installation on a single PC.

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