Introducing the most powerful and intuitive composite sketch software we have ever released. Identi-Kit 7 has been redesigned to make the creation of facial composites simpler and the results more effective.

  • Updated user interface to make the process of creating the composite sketch intuitive.
  • New tools give the use greater control to customize the sketch and achieve even greater accuracy.
  • 60% more facial features than previous versions.  No need to purchase additional ethnic libraries.
  • Every feature has been remastered to a razor sharp high definition 200 dpi.  The facial composites are crystal clear and have a level of detail that is stunning.
  • Identi-Kit 7 supports export of the facial sketch to Microsoft Word. Use it to create completely customized posters for distribution physically, fax, email or posting to social media and the Internet.
  • Training and certification live web classes are regularly scheduled to help you learn the basics of Identi-Kit 7. Help videos are available on line to show you how to get the most from the software.
  • When you need to talk to us, we are always available either via email or phone.

“Outstanding Job – Really liked it – Guys that had been to previous Identi-Kit training were impressed and liked it a lot!”

New York Trooper

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