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How does a composite sketch help an investigation?

As one detective told us, “Where there’s a crime, there’s a face.”  The facial composite sketch is useful in several ways to an investigator.  The sketches can be used to identify and eliminate potential suspects.  The sketch also acts as a tool to interact and engage the public in the investigation, which leads to more effective case closures.



What are the advantages to a digital composite sketch?

The advantages are many for most agencies-



Is it difficult to create a composite sketch with Identi-Kit7?

Many users have commented that it Identi-Kit is one of the easiest tools that they use in the course of their work. When developing new versions and features, our primary objective is to improve the sketch product without adding complexity. To help the user, we offer web based training classes and on line videos so that the user gets the most out of the application. If you need Help, just let us know with a call or an email.



How much time does it take to create the sketch?

This varies greatly case to case. Generally, about 1 hour is sufficient while some composites may take longer.  This depends on the witness and the complexity of the crime scene.



Why are Identi-Kit7 sketches in grayscale and not in color?

Studies have shown that the significance of color in a composite sketch is minimal.  In fact, the addition of color tends to complicate and add confusion to the witness interview process.   The psychology of recognition includes what is referred to as “Margin of Interpretation.”  The viewer of facial composite sketch naturally applies a “fruitful margin of interpretation.”  The use of color and/or photographic composites tends to prompt the viewer to make a very narrow interpretation of the sketch, which can hamper the investigation.  Most leading researchers and practitioners of facial sketch creation support the position that grayscale sketches are the easiest to produce and the most effective as an investigative tool.



When a drawing is created, what do I do with it?

You may decide to distribute the sketch internally, externally or both. Many of our success stories come from agencies that distributed the sketch internally and someone in the department immediately knew who the suspect was.  Either way, Identi-Kit 7 has multiple bulletin templates to display the composite and relevant information.  You can create a unique bulletin format using Microsoft Word.  Once create, the bulletin or the just the sketch can be saved as a jpg, bitmap or png.  Because the sketch is digital, you can print, fax, attach to an email, put on the agency’s website or distribute it through social media.



Can I create and use a “Person of Interest” poster template unique to my department?

In a word, “yes.”  We provide several templates Identi-Kit7.  Any of these can be customized. Many agencies have a document they already use for distribution. Those can be converted into Identi-Kit7 templates using simple “real word” tags. No programming or confusing syntax knowledge needed.



What kind of computers do I need to run the software?

If your computer can run a modern operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 7, or Windows 8 you have plenty of processing power and memory for Identi-Kit7. You will need about 500MB disk space for the application and feature images.  We have customers who use Identi-Kit on Apple computers running PC emulation software.  Call us to discuss if this applies to you.



How do I get the application installed on my computer?

Identi-Kit7 is a digital download application over an internet connection. You can install and start using the software in minutes (depending on your internet download speed).  If you cannot get access to the internet to download, we can still deliver the app to you (call us).



Do you offer technical support?

We offer the best technical support in the business, so we have been told. We offered 24/7 support in the past, but found with how easy the software is to use it just was not used. We officially offer support during normal business hours, but if you have a question or need assistance, contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.



What type of training and help is provided?

With the launch of Identi-Kit7 we now offer a training portal to organize our growing library of video tutorials as well as our live training dates. If you have a question at any time though, contact us and we will walk you through how to use the application. We are here to help make your investigation successful any way we can.



How much does it cost to have Identi-Kit7?

Identi-Kit7 is an annually licensed program.  We do this for two reasons.  First, it’s cost effective for the department.  Purchased software that is well supported requires a substantial capital expenditure.  For about the price of purchasing one sketch from an artist, you can install Identi-Kit on two PC’s and use it to solve cases year round.  Second, the license includes access to training videos, web training classes, updates to the library and upgrades to the software.  So getting your staff trained and keeping your software and library up to date is taken care of for you.

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