Powerful facial composite sketch software that’s easy to use

Identi-Kit is a cost effective tool used by investigators to make accurate, high quality facial composites.Save, print and broadcast sketches via the web, email, fax or hard copy.

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“The program is very user friendly and the detectives had no problems navigating through the system. The composites produced looked authentic and professional.”Sergeant, Florida Police Dept

What Is Identi-Kit

Market leader in facial composite sketch software

Identi-Kit is used by more than 600 law enforcement agencies in the US and internationally, and it is the composite sketch software taught in the Department of Justice AMBER Alert Forensics classes training program. Our team works closely with our customers in order to continually improve our product and ensure your highest level of satisfaction.

Simpler, faster, and more accurate.

Over 650 new facial features added to the feature library.
Added layer control tools to improve the end product.
Users can uniquely configure the layout of the interface and save their personal settings.
Superior technology for creating diverse demographic facial sketches.
No need to purchase additional ethnic libraries.
Export sketches to Word to make custom bulletins.

Identi-Kit 6

Identi-Kit 7

Sharper and clearer than ever.

Every feature remastered at 200dpi. Added layer control tools to improve the end product. Improve the quality of facial sketches with new paint tools. Distribute sketches via fax, print, email or post on the web with no loss of quality.

Intuitive and easy to learn.

Identi-Kit 7 uses an updated user interface to make the sketch process intuitive for investigators.

The browser bar allows the investigator and the witness to preview how different features will look on a composite sketch. Identi-Kit 7, the browser can be dynamically sized to depict from 1 to 128 variations of the sketch in process.

Don’t pay extra for good support

Identi-Kit users have access to the following services at no additional cost. Anytime you need a little help or if you just want to learn how to get the most out of Identi-Kit, you’ll know where to go.

Training & certification

Live webinar based training and certification for your investigators to maintain their skills with the software.

Have a question while using Identi-Kit?

Access to our technical support staff via phone or email. All workshops are taught by people who are Identi-Kit experts and are eager to share their knowledge with you.


Receive automatic library updates via the Web. 650 completely new images added to the facial feature library in Identi-Kit 7.

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