Yaba Daba Do: A Composite Sketch Fail

January 4th, 2016,  Posted by pwright@identikit.net

As is the case in most of England and the UK, police use a software composite tool called “e-fit.”  We recently stumbled on this story about a composite created by the Kent Police that had citizens scratching there heads.  Here’s the link to the story.

If you don’t have time to read the article, here is the composite that the Kent Police released.e-fit Fred Flintstone.





It could have been operator error.  Or an uncooperative witness.  Or the tool is complicated and difficult to navigate (note that the seller of the product offers a training class at their facility that is one week in duration at a cost $1500 per student).

An intuitive user interface is a hallmark of the Identi-Kit composite software.  The newest release, Identi-Kit 7 HD is designed with familiar tools that are easily understood.  The result is a powerful composite sketch tool that can be readily mastered.  And when you need assistance, access the video Training portal on line or call our help desk.  We’re always eager to assist.

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